Managing Research Data--from Goals to Reality webinar outputs available

The recording, slides, chat transcript, archived tweets and links to additional resources from this OCLC Research Library Partnership webinar are available below as well as on the "Managing Research Data—from Goals to Reality" webinar page. The webinar recording is also available on YouTube and in iTunes.

In this webinar, Sally Rumsey, Digital Research Librarian at the Bodleian Libraries in Oxford, and Wendy Kozlowski, Science Data and Metadata Librarian at Cornell, discuss how they are managing research data—the raw output of research investigations, not the resulting reports. Sally and Wendy both provide the context in which they are handling research data, including their goals, current activities and plans, with demonstrations of the systems they are developing.

In addition, OCLC Research Library Partners who are also managing research data chime in on how they are addressing the issues Sally and Wendy raise, and those who are not are encouraged to ask questions.

OCLC Program Officer Karen Smith Yoshimura facilitates the discussion and also provides an overview of OCLC Research activities in various aspects of dataset curation.

Participation in this live webinar was limited to OCLC Research Library Partners, but its archived files are available for all.

Managing Research Data—from Goals to Reality Webinar
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Karen Smith-Yoshimura
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