OCLC Research Registering Researchers in Authority Files Task Group seeks feedback on work in progress

The OCLC Research Registering Researchers in Authority Files Task Group has been analyzing the emerging approaches to incomplete national authority files. The goal is to identify:

  • the benefits, needs, and challenges for integrated author identification;
  • approaches to effectively integrate multiple author identifier systems, and to reconcile information from multiple sources; and
  • models, channels and workflows for registering and maintaining integrated author and researcher information.

We recently launched a "work in progress" page with these five documents for community comment and feedback:

WebEx sessions will be scheduled to discuss this work for those who are interested.

Please send comments, feedback, and interest in the WebEx discussions to Program Officer Karen Smith-Yoshimura.

Based on the feedback we receive and our ongoing Registering Researchers in Authority Files activity, we plan to publish a concise report that summarizes the benefits and trade-offs of emerging approaches to the problem of incomplete national authority files. Ultimately, we hope to make it easier for researchers and institutions to more accurately measure their scholarly output.

For more information: Karen Smith-Yoshimura
Program Officer
OCLC Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research


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