Survey of Special Collections & Archives in UK/Ireland Outcomes Highlighted in Jackie Dooley's RLUK Conference Slides

OCLC Program Officer Jackie Dooley presented "The UK/Ireland Survey of Special Collections and Archives: Outcomes and Perspectives" at the plenary session, "Hidden Gems: Revealing Our Special Collections" from 9:00-10:30 a.m. GMT at the RLUK Conference 2012 on Friday, 16 November at St James' Park in Newcastle, England.

In this presentation, Jackie discussed the big picture outcomes and recommendations from the survey of special collections and archives in the UK and Ireland that she recently completed with RLUK. Examples include:

  • The top special collections and archives challenges in the UK/Ireland are outreach, born-digital materials and space.
  • The UK/Ireland special collections sector is undergoing major culture shift that mandates much retraining and examination of priorities.
  • In the UK and Ireland, alignment of special collections with institutional missions and priorities is an ongoing challenge.

The RLUK Conference 2012 brought together key thought leaders and practitioners in the sector to discuss the significant issues and innovations that are transforming research libraries across the UK. More information is about Jackie's presentation is available on the OCLC Research at the RLUK Conference 2012 web page. Complete details about the event are available on the RLUK Conference 2012 web page.

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Jackie Dooley
Program Officer
OCLC Research

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