OCLC Research Senior Program Officers Erway, Proffitt and Tennant Featured in Digital Pioneers Project

Digital Pioneers is a project to document early innovations in the use of digitization in libraries, museums, archives, and historical societies in the words of the people who were an integral part of it all. Its purpose is to document the experiences of these individuals and also to compile and disseminate learning resources for LIS students and others interested in the evolution of the use and impact of digitization, digital materials and the Internet on cultural heritage institutions. These resources include valuable lessons for those currently in the field and those who will be joining it in the future.

In her interview, Ricky Erway recounts lessons learned from her early work in on the Library of Congress's American Memory program, work on RLG member projects, and current work in OCLC Research.

Merrilee Proffitt shares how her early days at UC Berkeley's Bancroft Library helped to shape her passion and affinity for technology and digitization, as well as the challenges she's faced and the advice she has for others coming into the profession.

And Roy Tennant discusses a digitization project he worked on in the mid-1990's, his subsequent work at the California Digital Library, and the lessons and advice he gleaned from those experiences.

A total of 22 innovative interviews are documented on the Digital Pioneers website. The site debuted in March 2010 as a companion to the eleventh IMLS WebWise conference held in Denver, Colorado, which was co-sponsored by the University of Denver Penrose Library and the Library and Information Science Program. The remaining interviews were recently added in a second and final phase of the project that was funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

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Ricky Erway
Senior Program Officer
OCLC Research

Merrilee Proffitt
Senior Program Officer
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Roy Tennant
Senior Program Officer
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Melissa Renspie
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