Kindred Works, an Experimental Recommender Service from OCLC Research, Uses Characteristics of a Sample Work to Generate a Set of Related Items

There are many ways to find a new book to read or movie to view. OCLC Research has developed an experimental service that provides a set of items similar to an item of interest.

The prototype service uses various characteristics of a sample work, such as classification numbers, subject headings, and genre terms, to retrieve related resources from WorldCat and produce a list of items similar to the sample.

This approach is called content-based recommendation.

The recommendations are accessible through a user interface and through a machine service. The user interface, Kindred Works, provides basic search functionality.

The Kindred Works interface provides a convenient means for viewing the results of the WorldCat Recommender API. For a library that participates in, recommendations can be customized to the collection of the library, by adding the library’s OCLC holding symbol to the query.

More Information

Kindred Works Activity Page

Kindred Works Prototype

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Diane Vizine-Goetz
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research

Robert C. Bolander
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research