OCLC Research Wikipedian in Residence Max Klein Encourages Libraries to Host Wikipedia Loves Libraries Events

Wikipedia Loves Libraries is a general initiative to improve Wikipedia engagement by bringing Wikipedia and libraries together through on-site events at libraries, archives and related institutions. It is also an annual campaign of Wiki-workshops and edit-athons at libraries that takes place each October and November.

OCLC Research Wikipedian in Residence Max Klein is encouraging libraries and archives to host Wikipedia Loves Libraries events—just as he did during two recent webinars—and so far almost two dozen have been planned. Events will give attendees the opportunity to learn Wikipedia principles, to edit and improve Wikipedia entries, and to collaborate with experienced local Wikipedians.

If you're considering hosting your own Wikipedia Loves Libraries event and partnering with local Wikipedians, there is an event planning form online to help you get started. There are also examples of Wikipedia-friendly events that can fall under the umbrella of Wikipedia Loves Libraries as well as a complete list of 2012 Wikipedia Loves Libraries events on the Wikipedia Loves Libraries Wikipedia page.

Although the Wikipedia Loves Libraries campaign runs through October and November, Wikipedia Loves Libraries events can be held any time throughout the year. If you have questions or would like additional support, feel free to contact Max Klein.