OCLC Research and Open Planets Foundation to Hold Preservation Health Check Workshop at iPRES2012 on 2 October in Toronto

OCLC Research and the Open Planets Foundation (OPF) are conducting a Preservation Health Check Pilot to analyze the quality of preservation metadata created and in use by operational repository and deposit systems and evaluate the potential of such metadata for assessing digital preservation risks. As part of this pilot, we are holding a Preservation Health Workshop at the PREMIS Implementation Fair (iPRES2012) at the University of Toronto on 2 October 2012. This workshop will explore the use of real life preservation metadata for risk assessment, introduce and discuss the concept behind the preservation health check pilot and propose an approach for mapping preservation metadata schemas with preservation risk assessment frameworks and walk through a number of examples.

Digital preservation practitioners and researchers/experts are invited to come to the workshop with real life examples of preservation metadata, with which we can check and correct theoretical assumptions. We expect this exercise to help build a better shared understanding of the why, what and how preservation metadata are collected and created. 

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Titia van der Werf
Senior Program Officer
OCLC Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research