New Video: "Reconfiguring Library Boundaries"

In this 43-minute video, Lorcan Dempsey talks about how libraries are changing in the network environment, how they are organizing their services and how they are relating to other services in a Webscale world.

He focuses on changes in how libraries are using their resources to create value: space, systems, collections and services/expertise. What should libraries specialize in and what things should they do collaboratively or externalize to other parties? Watch this video to learn how libraries are dealing with these and other important issues now as well as how they may do so in the future.

This video presentation was used to introduce the two-day workshop, "The Squeezed Middle: Exploring the Future of Library Systems," sponsored by JISC and SCONUL on 19-20 January 2011. Held at the University of Warwick, this invitational workshop for senior library managers/directors in the UK explored the key service developments impacting the shape of institutional library systems and reviewed over 60 potential library service and institutional knowledge management objectives. One of the outcomes of the workshop is to help shape a JISC funding call on the future of library systems which will be published in early February.

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