New Podcast: "The Power of Raised Expectations"

In this 21-minute interview, Senior Program Officer Roy Tennant talks with David Lankes, a professor and Dean's Scholar for the New Librarianship at Syracuse University's School of Information Studies, the director of the library science program for the school, and director of the Information Institute of Syracuse, about the power of raised expectations.

In this wide-ranging and optimistic interview, Professor Lankes challenges us to raise our expectations—of ourselves, our colleagues, and of our institutions—to better serve our communities. He describes how fostering an environment where risk-taking and expectation of occasional failure (as opposed to mistakes) can better enable us to meet our challenges. He urges us to engage in lively conversations with the communities we serve and imagine what we could be instead of what we were. And he says all of this in a very engaging, interesting, and eloquent way.

This is the fifteenth podcast in our occasional "What's keeping you awake at night?" podcast series that explores issues of importance to libraries and librarianship by asking library thought leaders what either concerns or excites them about libraries today. These podcasts are available for download from our website, on our podcast and webinar RSS Feed and in iTunes.

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Podcast with David Lankes: The Power of Raised Expectations (.mp3: 10.6MB/21min.)

Roy Tennant's blog post about his interview with David Lankes

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