OCLC Researcher and Other Staff Contribute to W3C Library Linked Data Draft Final Report and Other Linked Data Activities

OCLC Research Software Architect Jeff Young is an author/editor of the Relevant Technologies section of the draft final report of the Library Linked Data Incubator Group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), which is available for review and comment. He also collaborated on a section of the separate Use Case Report and the LLD Vocabularies and Datasets deliverable.

Jeff serves on the overall Library Linked Data Incubator Group, along with two other OCLC staff: Software Architect Tod Matola and Dewey Decimal Classification Assistant Editor Michael Panzer.

These activities with the W3C are among a variety of Linked Data-related research and standards activities at OCLC.

Linked Data offers the potential for publishing information in a manner that permits far greater utility "in the flow" of the network. It also facilitates unexpected connections, uses and value that may be realized by many parties, including parties with which the hosting/publishing agency might not normally have had contact.

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