Four OCLC Research Staff to Present at 40th Annual LIBER Conference in Barcelona

Lorcan Dempsey, Jackie Dooley, Ricky Erway, and Jennifer Schaffner will make presentations on 29 June - 1 July; details below.

The 40th annual LIBER conference is being held at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain), 29 June - 2 July 2011.

Here are details for the four presentations to be made by OCLC Research staff.

Ricky Erway, Senior Program Officer, will present "Increasing access to special collections" (Parallel session 3.1), on Wednesday 29 June at 17:00–17:30.

Jennifer Schaffner, Program Officer, will present "Managing research information for researchers and universities" (Parallel session 5.1), on Thursday 30 June at 9:30–10:00.

Jackie Dooley, Program Officer, will present "OCLC research survey of special collections and archives in research libraries" (Parallel session 6.4), on Thursday 30 June at 10:00–10:30.

Lorcan Dempsey, Vice President, OCLC Research, and Chief Strategist, will present "The research library, the university and the network" (Auditorium), on Friday 1 July at 11:00–11:45.
Abstract: Libraries evolved to meet needs in a time of when information materials were distributed and consumed in physical form. Their services and their cooperative arrangements reflect this. Our discussion about digital has tended to focus on tools and collections, but what happens to the structure and organization of the library, its role within the university and the cooperative arrangements it makes, as the network reconfigures how research and learning are carried out? This presentation will present a framework for thinking about the research library as its services, expertise and boundaries change in a network environment.

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