Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Ronald R. Powell's Updated Research Methods Monograph Available from Libraries Unlimited and Other Outlets

Basic Research Methods for Librarians, Fifth Edition is a thoroughly updated introduction that covers the major issues involved in designing and conducting original research relevant to the fields of library and information science (LIS). It is addressed to the practicing librarian and other information professionals who need to conduct research and publish, as well as graduate LIS students.

Published by Libraries Unlimited as part of the Library and Information Science Text series, this book specifically covers the research methodologies likely to be used by librarians, providing guidance on designing and conducting research and publishing research results. It also will be useful to any librarian who must be able to read and evaluate research reports critically and assist others with their research.

Like its predecessors, this fifth edition is exceptionally comprehensive. Content has been thoroughly updated and sections have been added on social networking and other web-based research methods and techniques.

The book emphasizes quantitative research, including survey and experimental studies. It also gives attention to qualitative research, including historical research. A chapter is devoted to the statistical analysis of research results. Evaluation, writing, and publishing of research reports are considered as well.

Coauthored by distinguished researchers in library and information science, the book also includes contributions from experts on qualitative research, domain assumptions of research, and sampling.


  • Library and information science examples to explain research methodologies and techniques
  • Explanations and examples of sampling procedures
  • A table for determining sample sizes and a random number table
  • Notes at the end of each chapter, plus a list of more than 400 research-related references at the end of the book


  • Addresses the role of research in librarianship with supporting examples and discussions of studies within the library and information science field
  • Outlines the major steps in the development of a research study
  • Provides a broad spectrum of research methodologies, such as survey, experimental, qualitative, and historical
  • Includes detailed explanations of the guidelines for writing research proposals and research reports for publication and oral presentation

New material

Additions and updates include:

  • the topics of task-based and evidence-based research, technology-based research methods, usability testing, and the critical incident technique
  • tools for calculating sample size
  • information about electronic questionnaires
  • a sample code-book page
  • information about reliability coefficients and post-hoc tests
  • a section on oral presentations.

Basic Research Methods for Librarians, Fifth edition, by Lynn Silipigni Connaway and Ronald R. Powell is available from Libraries Unlimited in hardcover and eBook editions.

Lynn Silipigni Connaway is a Consulting Research Scientist at OCLC Research.

Ronald R. Powell is Professor emeritus of the School of Library and Information Science at Wayne State University.

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