OCLC Research Launches YouTube Channel

View "OCLC Research Shorts" produced by staff from the laboratories of OCLC Research that feature some of our current work or recent findings.

For a fresh, succinct view of what OCLC Research staff are up to, check out the new OCLC Research YouTube Channel.

Three videos are currently available:

  1. Born Digital, which asks the question, "What does 'born digital' mean to you?" and provides some thoughtful answers.
  2. Roy's Treehouse #1: Up in the Clouds, in which Roy Tennant provides a quick example of how cloud computing can make you more effective.
  3. Greening ILL Practices, which provides an overview of green packaging and shipping practices covered in the OCLC Research report.
New videos will be made available regularly. We encourage you to subscribe to the OCLC Research YouTube Channel to stay up to date on the latest offerings.

More Information

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Watch the Born Digital Video

Watch Roy's Treehouse #1: Up in the Clouds Video

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For more information:

James Michalko
Vice President
OCLC Research, San Mateo

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research