WorldCat Publisher Pages Prototype Provides Interactive Visual Representation of the Printed Output of Publishers in the WorldCat Database

This new OCLC Research prototype presents a page each for more than 1800 publishers from around the world.

WorldCat Publisher Pages prototype is an outgrowth of the OCLC Publisher Name Authority File, as well as the OCLC WorldMap and the OCLC Audience Level activities.

A number of OCLC Research activities have developed around the idea of creating groups of web pages in which WorldCat data are aggregated to add value and expose new relationships. WorldCat Publisher Pages repurposes results from the OCLC WorldMap and Audience Level prototypes to create rich, publicly available portraits of leading worldwide publishers identified in the Publisher Name Authority File.

The WorldCat Publisher Pages prototype allows users to select a major publisher, and then to explore its publication history as reflected in the WorldCat database. Users can select a publisher either from a cloud, or via search. The Pages represent more than 1800 publishing entities (including imprints), including the largest publishers in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, China, the Russian Federation, Spain, Finland, Australia, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

For each publisher, WorldCat Publisher Pages presents an overview of the organization’s "footprint" in WorldCat, including:

  • an authoritative name for the publisher (in most cases, the form either used by the Library of Congress or by Bowker's Books in Print)
  • the location of its headquarters
  • the authors most associated with the publisher
  • the languages for the publisher's books
  • the subjects in which it has published
  • maps showing where the publisher's books have originated and where they are held
  • graphics representing the publisher's publication history and OCLC Audience Level, and
  • a complete interactive chart of the larger organization to which the publisher or imprint belongs.

The entire display is interactive, with many dynamic links to other Publisher Pages, to WorldCat Identities, and to a sample of the publisher's actual output in WorldCat.

Because this is a research prototype, we are particularly interested in your feedback. Please note that generating publisher relationships cannot be entirely automated. The data are current as of March 2010. At this time we have no plans to update the data.

More Information

WorldCat Publisher Pages activity page
(Includes listing of outputs from the activity, including publications and presentations.)

WorldCat Publisher Pages prototype

For more information:

Lynn Silipigni Connaway
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research

Bob Bolander
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research