Yours, Mine, Ours: Leadership Through Collaboration Forum to Be Streamed Live, 20-21 September

All are invited to attend in person or host a local viewing party and watch a live stream of this event to learn more about the benefits and challenges of collaboration within and across institutions.

OCLC Research and an RLG Partnership planning committee have created a two-day event on strategies for effective collaboration that will be hosted by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C, 20-21 September 2010. Building on the success of our workshops on LAM (libraries, archives and museums) convergence held at five RLG Partner institutions in 2007/2008, the "Yours, Mine, Ours" Forum will shine a light on collaboration from a local institutional perspective as well as cross-institutional and network-level vantage points. What is necessary to ensure successful outcomes? What lessons learned by others can help us all do better? Participants will take away specific strategies and models to realize their own collaborative ambitions.

The event will feature three keynote speakers and thematic panels. Speakers will focus first and foremost on their leadership strategies in making their collaborations a success, and exemplify these strategies with the specific projects they are spear-heading. An opening keynote by Allan R. Cohen, Professor of Global Leadership and Director of Corporate Entrepreneurship, Babson College, on the emerging area of management theory and practice in collaborative leadership will expose participants to new ideas for creating a more collaborative work culture.

Because travel budgets are limited and there are limited number of spots available at the event venue, the event will be streamed live for remote viewing. Those unable to attend in person are encouraged to host a local viewing party and invite a group of like-minded individuals watch a live stream of the event together. A viewing party can span all or any part of the entire two-day event. Remote viewers can leverage the event as a catalyst for change by watching it in its entirety or viewing a segment of interest, followed by a discussion of local implications with those in the room.

This event is hosted by the Smithsonian Institution; supported by the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation; and endorsed by the Joint SAA, ALA and AAM Committee on Archives, Libraries & Museums (CALM).

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