OCLC Research to Host RLG Partnership Update Webinar on 17 June at 2 pm EDT (UTC 18:00)

OCLC Research program officers and research scientists will give reports on relevant projects recently completed or underway.

To make the RLG Partnership available beyond ALA Annual attendees, we're once again holding the RLG Partnership Update as virtual meeting via WebEx. This webinar will provide a great opportunity for institutions to learn about current work and discover ways to become more engaged in the RLG Partnership. The roster of presenters and topics includes:

  • Jim Michalko: Highlights from his recent report, Research Libraries, Risk and Systemic Change
  • Brian Lavoie: An overview of how OCLC Research provides support for external researchers
  • Lynn Silipigni Connaway: A review of her recent JISC reports
  • Constance Malpas: An overview of her cloud library work
  • Jennifer Schaffner: An overview of her work with the Research Information Network
  • Karen Smith-Yoshimura: Highlights of ways to transition from and beyond MARC
  • Jean Godby: An overview of her work related to name disambiguation
  • Jackie Dooley: Recommendations from her forthcoming OCLC Research report on special collections and archives
  • Ricky Erway: An overview of the well intentioned practices for putting for putting digitized collections of unpublished materials online document
Webinar participation is free and open to all but advanced registration is required.

Register here* to attend this free webinar via WebEx on 17 June 2010 from 2-3:30 pm EDT (UTC 18:00-19:30).

This webinar will be recorded and made availalbe on the OCLC Research Web site and in iTunes.

*After you register, you will receive an e-mail message that contains instructions for logging on to WebEx, where you will view the meeting slides online through your Web browser (please note that WebEx recommends using Internet Explorer or Firefox, as Chrome and Safari are not supported). When you log in to the webinar, the presentation audio will be available through your computer headset or phone.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us or call WebEx technical support directly by phone at US/Canada Toll-Free: 1 (866) 229-3239 or International Toll: +1 (408) 435-7088.

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Register to attend the RLG Partnership Update webinar on 17 June 2010 from 2-3:30 pm EDT (UTC 18:00-19:30)

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