OCLC Research and RLG Partnership Highlights July 2009-March 2010 Now Available

This document features reports on OCLC Research projects and spotlights support of the RLG Partnership over the past nine months.

Content deserving of special attention includes:

Support for Research Workflows on page 2 – this project is nearing completion and the preliminary results detailing what research services are provided by which University units got a large audience at the recent Coalition for Networked Information meetings.

Balance in Rights Management on page 4 – this reports on an invitational seminar whose goal was to move archives and special collections beyond their current risk-averse behaviors in digitization projects. The 'practice' document that emerged is circulating among the major library and archival organizations as part of an endorsement campaign.

Changes in MARC Metadata Practice on page 6 – this large-scale analysis of the actual past usage of the many MARC tags and fields is streamlining local practice and informing OCLC's own future metadata services.

WorldCat Developer Network on page 8 – shows the range of support that Research provides for mashathons and demonstrations of how new uses of OCLC data can lead to improved value for all library users and for our own software engineering practices.

Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access on page 9 – this task force report co-chaired by Brian Lavoie has gotten broad attention in the information provider community and has given a new shape to the ways we meet the challenge of digital preservation.

Policy and Infrastructure Requirements for Shared Print on page 10 – this ongoing work to define what's needed to create a new system of collection management between digital aggregators, print repositories and local collections has generated a significant amount of discussion and action planning in the community.

A list of upcoming events and webinars is included on page fourteen. Lists of publications, past events and individuals involved in working groups are appended in the final sixteen pages.

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OCLC Research Highlights: Progress in Support of the RLG Partnership, July 2009–March 2010

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