New Report, "Research Libraries, Risk and Systemic Change"

This report provides an overview of the most significant risks facing research libraries and suggests strategies to mitigate them.

OCLC Research engaged an organization experienced in conducting risk assessments for corporate, governmental and educational clients to identify the most significant risks facing research libraries in the United States. The data collected was assimilated, ranked and analyzed, which revealed a convergence of perceived risks and yielded a shared perspective on a landscape of challenges facing US research libraries.

The descriptive categorization of these risks included in the report provide research libraries with a common vocabulary for identifying, evaluating and responding to shared challenges. They also help build the foundation to support movement toward cooperative mitigation of critical risks. Based on this foundation, OCLC Research intends to formulate a collaborative action agenda in partnership with the research library community.

More Information

Report: Research Libraries, Risk and Systemic Change (.pdf: 579K/20 pp.)

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James Michalko
Vice President
OCLC Research, San Mateo

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Research