OCLC Takes Final Steps to Transition Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

In March 2009 OCLC completed a series of activities to transfer assets and administrative activities to the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative Limited (DCMI), a public, not-for-profit Company limited by Guarantee in Singapore. DCMI is an open organization engaged in the development of interoperable online metadata standards and serves as the maintenance agency for the Dublin Core metadata standard.

OCLC's research staff were instrumental in the development of the initiative, from hosting the initial invitational meeting in 1995 at OCLC's headquarters in Dublin, Ohio, USA (the "Dublin" in the name, Dubln Core) to serving on working groups, on the DCMI Advisory Board, and the DCMI Board of Trustees. Perhaps most notably, OCLC Research scientist Stu Weibel served as the first director of DCMI. OCLC also provided direct financial support and served as the administrative home for DCMI.

The incorporation of DCMI as an independent entity in late 2008, and the recent completion of OCLC's transfer of DCMI-related assets and supporting activities are significant milestones in the establishment of an independent, professional and sustainable organization that develops, maintains and promotes the Dublin Core metadata terms and associated documentation for a global audience.

With the conclusion of this transition, OCLC's role as host of the DCMI comes to an end.

Makx Dekkers, Managing Director of DCMI Ltd., comments: "We are excited to enter into a new era as an independent entity. DCMI was hosted by OCLC until last year. OCLC's support over the years has enabled DCMI to reach maturity, and for that we are very grateful to OCLC. The incorporation of DCMI as an independent legal entity underlines once more the independence that has always been one of our main characteristics. With our Members and Partners we are looking forward to continuing and extending our support for the global metadata community."

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