RLG Partnership Dues Reduction Announced

OCLC and the RLG Partnership Council have modified the current RLG Partnership dues tiers and costs to reflect a reduction in dues effective with the new partnership year that begins on 1 July, 2009. 

The new structure simplifies the tiers and provides a substantive reduction in financial contribution from partner institutions that is appropriately distributed across categories. Although the lowest dues category remains unchanged at US$4,000, the structure provides reductions throughout the other tiers that range from 18-40%.

The dues reduction has been implemented to enable partner institutions to maintain and take advantage of their RLG Partnership affiliation during difficult economic times in which deep, systemic and transformative changes to traditional library practices and operations are needed.

While this reduction in dues is significant, it will not change the current level of investment in and support for the work undertaken by the RLG Partnership. With the support and leadership of OCLC Research, the RLG Partnership is focusing on areas that will have significant impact on the redefinition of library services and will positively alter the costs of institutional operating processes.

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Comparison of current and new RLG Partnership dues tiers and costs

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James Michalko
Vice President, RLG Partnership
OCLC Research

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Senior Communications Officer
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