New Report: "RLG Partnership Shared Print Collections Working Group Shared Policy Review Report"

This report provides an overview of current practices in policy documentation for distributed print preservation initiatives and offers recommendations for institutions interested in entering into (or formalizing existing) collection sharing regimes.

The report also summarizes the findings of a systematic review of policy documents governing single, shared and last copy print collections in a variety of national contexts and draws conclusions about the implications of these policies for cooperative print management. In addition, it characterizes the core policy dimensions as they relate to specific library operations, highlights areas where community consensus has been achieved, and identifies gaps in current policy frameworks that might prevent joint preservation initiatives to achieve network scale.

The RLG Partnership Shared Print Working Group, led by Program Officer Constance Malpas, compiled, analyzed and compared the various documents and formulated the final recommendations.

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RLG Partnership Shared Print Collections Working Group Shared Print Policy Review Report (.pdf: 161K/23 pp.)

Analyze Current Shared Print Policy Review Policy Frameworks Project History

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Constance Malpas
Program Officer
OCLC Research

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Senior Communications Officer
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