"WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry" webinar recording now available

In this webinar, Senior Program Officer Merrilee Proffitt and Content Manager Bill Carney provide background on the work that has been undertaken to contribute to the development of the WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry.

They also provide a demonstration of this pilot and talk about the current focus of establishing best practices for using the "rules engine" to codify determining what, for a given institution, is in or out of scope.

The WorldCat Copyright Evidence Registry will enable the creation and sharing of copyright evidence through a collaboratively created and maintained database. A side benefit of the project may be the community collaborating to define a consistent, accepted process for libraries to gather and document copyright evidence in order to provide access to digitized materials.

This is the fifth webinar in our continuing PARcast series. It is available online from the OCLC Programs and Research PARcast page and also from the iTunes Store.

More Information

Copyright Evidence Registry Webinar, Windows Media Video Format (.wmv: 40.5MB/51 min.)

Copyright Evidence Registry Webinar, Moving Picture Expert Group-4 Format (.mp4: 18.3MB/51 min.)


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