OCLC Researcher's Java OpenURL Package Enables Image Dissemination in djatoka

Developed by Jeff Young, OOMRef-J: the OpenURL Object Model - Reference Implementatoin (Java) can be configured to support any context-sensitive service within the confines of the OpenURL 1.0 protocol.

Developers Ryan Chute and Herbert Van de Sompel introduce djatoka (silent "d"), an open source jpeg 2000 image server, in a recent d-lib Magazine article. They comment that "the flexibility offered by both OpenURL and OCLC's OpenURL package provides a solid basis for adding image dissemination services on the basis of the same architectural framework."

Jeff has been considering the OpenURL Framework from the perspective that six simple questions convey the essence of the OpenURL model: what, why, who, where, when, and how. Jeff writes about this perspective on his blog, Q6.

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OOMRef-J, OCLC's Java OpenURL package

Chute, Ryan, and Herbert Van de Sompel. 2008. "Introducing djatoka: A Reuse Friendly, Open Source JPEG 2000 Image Server." d-lib Magazine, V14, n9/10 (September/October).

Jeff Young, OOMRef-J developer

Q6 blog

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