New PARcast: "Using the WorldCat Search API" webinar recording now available

In this webinar, Senior Program Officer Roy Tennant and Consulting Software Engineer Bruce Washburn provide an overview of WorldCat Search API features.

Launched in August 2008, the WorldCat Search API provides OCLC libraries with new ways of taking advantage of the WorldCat database and features.

With the API, you can build WorldCat search results, metadata and links to library catalogs into your own systems. Supporting common search protocols like OpenSearch and SRU, and delivering data in standard formats like RSS, Atom, Dublin Core and MARC, the API is ready to be applied to a wide array of options.

There are two versions of this webinar available:

  • "Using the WorldCat Search API (with Q&A)," which is a recording of the 27 August webinar that includes questions from RLG partners, and
  • "Using the Worldcat Search API (with Demos)," which is a revised recording that includes demonstrations of some current applications that use the API.
This is the fourth webinar in our continuing PARcast series. It is available online on the OCLC Programs and Research PARcast page and in the iTunes Store.

More Information

Using the WorldCat Search API (with Q&A) webinar (.wmv: 49.6MB/37min.)

Using the WorldCat Search API (with Demos) webinar (.wmv: 41.9MB/25min.)

Using the WorldCat Search API (with Demos) webinar (.m4v: 27.2MB/25min.)


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