New PARcast: Special Collections and Beyond

Richard Ovenden, Associate Director and Keeper of Special Collections at Bodleian Library in Oxford, talks with John MacColl about the three main areas of his responsibility.

Topics covered include arguing for a need to return to more active conservation, describing problems in digital library development caused by over-reliance on project funding, and pointing to the dangers of over-use of digital surrogates. Richard also considers an interesting and unforeseen consequence of being a Google Library Partner.

This is the eighth podcast in our continuing series of interviews in which we ask the question, "What's keeping you awake at night?" of people we come across in our travels who are thinking ahead, worrying about the next big issue or imagining the next big thing. It is available online on the OCLC Programs and Research PARcast page and in the iTunes Store.

More interviews will be recorded and made available online in the future.

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