OCLC Programs and Research launches Above the Fold weekly current awareness electronic newsletter

This new serial publication seeks to bring attention to items of interest from beyond our normal reading sphere.

Above the Fold consists of a compendium of articles that relate to the work of the RLG Partnership and the information context in which we're all operating -- but readers might not see in the course of their regular awareness routines. Each citation will include a short annotation explaining why we think the article is of interest. And each note will be attributed to the staff member whose thoughts on the issue and its relevance can be tapped.

Reactions to Above the Fold will likely crop up in the RLG Programs blog, hangingtogether.org. Blog readers are welcome to join the conversation and share their thoughts.

Above the Fold is prepared by OCLC Programs and Research in partnership with IBIS Communications.

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Lorcan Dempsey
Chief Strategist and Vice President
OCLC Programs and Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Programs and Research