Annual Highlights of the RLG Partnership and OCLC Programs and Research Now Available

Read this overview of significant initiatives undertaken from July 1, 2007 through June 30, 2008.

In the course of the year, staff from OCLC Programs and Research, along with hundreds of staff from RLG Partner and other institutions, invested their time, effort, thought and expertise across a broad range of activities described in our work agenda.

We made considerable progress on this ambitious agenda by addressing some of the biggest challenges and opportunities faced by our institutions.

This report shows our accomplishments in a wide range of arenas, featuring just some of the highlights of a very productive year for us all.

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2007-08 Annual Highlights Document (.pdf: 1.2MB/5 pp.)

Work Agenda

OCLC ResearchWorks

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Lorcan Dempsey
Chief Strategist and Vice President
OCLC Programs and Research

Melissa Renspie
Senior Communications Officer
OCLC Programs and Research