OCLC partners with U. Michigan School of Information to Host IMLS-funded Student Interns in Digital Curation and Preservation Administration

The three-year project supports summer internships for master's-level students and curriculum development to encourage the ongoing exchange between real-world practice and the classroom.

OCLC is one of several hosts for students looking to amplify their experience in digital curation and preservation administration.

"OCLC Programs and Research is delighted to learn that the University of Michigan School of Information has received notice of funding for this project to provide summer internships for graduate students," said SOMEONE AT OCLC -?

Further details are available through the links below, or by contacting Dr. Yakel directly.

More Information

University of Michigan School of Information Project Announcement

IMLS Award Announcement

Elizabeth Yakel

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Nancy Elkington
Director, Partner Relations
OCLC Programs and Research

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Senior Communications Officer
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