2007 Library and Information Science Grant Awards

OCLC Programs and Research and the Association for Library and Information Science Education (ALISE) announce recipients of grants supporting Melissa Gross and Don Latham of Florida State University and M. Asim Qayyum, Carlos A. Suarez Balseiro, and Tania Garcia-Ramos of the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras. The researchers will be honored at the ALISE Annual Conference Awards Reception on 17 January in Seattle, Washington.

Melissa Gross, Associate Professor, and Don Latham, Assistant Professor, in the College of Information at Florida State University, will investigate undergraduates’ views of information literacy and their literacy skills. Their self-views will be compared to assessments of information literacy (IL) made by librarians. Findings will aid future research and the development of interventions for freshmen with low IL skill levels.

University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras researchers M. Asim Qayyum and Carlos A. Suárez Balseiro, Assistant Professors in the School of Information Sciences & Technology, with Tania Garcia-Ramos, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology, will perform a needs assessment for a specialized environmental library and plan its reorganization. The study will identify the unique user needs and preferences within a specialized library as well as the services, procedures, and systems to conform to those needs. The results will serve as a guide for other research centers or specialized libraries.

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