Victoria Reich and David Rosenthal to speak on LOCKSS and CLOCKSS

On Tuesday, 9 January, Victoria Reich and David Rosenthal will present "Collaboration for E-journal Preservation: The LOCKSS Program & the CLOCKSS Initiative" at OCLC Dublin, Ohio (USA).

With LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) and CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS), librarians and publishers are working to retain libraries as long-term memory organizations in the electronic environment, and thereby ensuring that digital scholarly assets remain available for future readers. LOCKSS technology is a distributed, self-repairing, robust, open source, preservation and archival system.  Initial support for the LOCKSS Program was received from NSF, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Sun Microsystems Labs, Intel Labs, Hewlett Packard Labs, the Harvard Computer Science Department and Stanford University Libraries. In addition, the Library of Congress is providing partial support for the CLOCKSS Initiative.

Victoria Reich is Director and co-founder of the LOCKSS Program, Stanford University Libraries, and a founding member of the CLOCKSS initiative.  Prior to LOCKSS, Victoria helped to start HighWire Press, the Internet imprint of the Stanford University Libraries. Founded in 1994, HighWire Press lead the scholarly journal move from paper to online.  An extensive list of publications and presentations are available on her bio page (linked below).

Dr. David Rosenthal is Chief Scientist, LOCKSS Program, Stanford University Libraries.  His work focuses on the engineering of digital preservation systems, including threat models, fault and attack tolerance, peer-to-peer audit and repair protocols and highly secure appliance implementations.  Prior to inventing the basic LOCKSS concept in 1999, David worked with Sun Microsystems, Carnegie-Mellon University, Nvidia, and Vitria Technology.  He has authored or co-authored many papers and technical publications, including the ACM SOSP 2003 "Best Paper" winner.  He holds 23 patents.

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