RLG DigiNews

The December issue of RLG DigiNews (Volume 10, Number 6) is now available.

This is a special theme issue on Digital Asset Management in Museums and includes:

  • Guest Editor's Note
    Special Issue Introduction: Managing Digital Assets in US Museums
  • Feature Article 1
    Why Digital Asset Management? A Case Study by Susan Chun and Michael Jenkins
  • Feature Article 2
    Digital Image Asset Management at the National Gallery of Art (US) by Alan Newman and Peter Dueker
  • Feature Article 3
    In Pursuit of Efficiency: Traversing the Boundaries of a Collection Information System by Dianne Nilsen
  • Highlighted Web Site
    Museum Computer Network
  • FAQ
    The Missing Dimension in Web-based Museum Exhibitions: Obstacles to Adding Depth to Digital Data
  • Calendar of Events
  • Announcements
  • RLG News
    Auld Lang Syne & a New Year's "Resolution"

RLG DigiNews (ISSN 1093-5371) is a Web-based newsletter conceived by the RLG preservation community and developed to serve a broad readership around the world. It is produced by staff in the Department of Research and Assessment Services, Cornell University Library, in consultation with RLG Programs, OCLC Programs and Research, and is published six times a year.

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RLG DigiNews (Volume 10, Number 6)

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