Lavoie, Connaway, and Dempsey use OCLC's WorldCat to shed light on library print book collections, including the 'G5'

Lavoie, Brian, Lynn Silipigni Connaway, and Lorcan Dempsey. 2005. "Anatomy of Aggregate Collections: The Example of Google Print for Libraries." D-Lib Magazine, 11,9 (September).

This article offers some perspectives on the Google Print Library Project (GPLP) in light of what is known about library print book collections in general, and those of the Google 5 in particular, from information in OCLC's WorldCat bibliographic database and holdings file. Questions addressed include issues of coverage, language, copyright, FRBR works, and convergence.  The purpose is to explore some basic questions raised by the GPLP and to provide an empirical context for ongoing professional debate. A secondary objective is to lay some groundwork for a general set of questions that could be used to explore the implications of any mass digitization initiative. A suggested list of questions is provided in the conclusion of the article. All data and statistics reported have been anonymized to avoid attaching specific data or results to specific libraries.

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Anatomy of Aggregate Collections: The Example of Google Print for Libraries

Brian Lavoie

Lynn Silipigni Connaway

Lorcan Dempsey

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Brian Lavoie
Senior Research Scientist
OCLC Research

Lorcan Dempsey
Vice President (Research) & Chief Strategist