New OCLC Research projects: Curiouser, Data Mining, and WikiD (nee MetaWiki)

Descriptions of three new projects are available on the OCLC Research web site.

Lead researchers: Thom Hickey, Diane Vizine-Goetz
Curiouser is an approach to making the best use of data about items in WorldCat and a user interface for exploring and selecting works and items. To enhance the utility of Open WorldCat, the project integrates techniques for display and navigation of records in a FRBR context; exploits structured data in bibliographic, authority and holdings records; and explores the potential usefulness ofWeb services and other data sources.

Lead researchers: Thom Hickey, Jeff Young
A Wiki is an online database that enables browser-based, collective document writing with a simple markup. This project leverages open standards, open-source software and existing resources to extend the Wiki model to support the creation and maintenance of structured data. This provides powerful and flexible infrastructure for building new services such as the distributed maintenance of registries, and support for capturing user contributions to associate with Open WorldCat entries.

Data Mining
Lead researchers: Lynn Silipigni Connaway, Brian Lavoie, Ed O'Neill, Chandra Prabha
OCLC Research data-mining projects produce valuable intelligence, mined from WorldCat and other data sources, tailored to the needs of those who manage information resources and those who use them. Examples include knowing more about the characteristics of library collections, creating interesting and useful data displays, and generating information that can be used to support a range of library decision-making needs. By making data "work harder," we can create more value for libraries and users.

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