OCLC Research Sponsors Software Contest to Encourage Innovation

OCLC Research today announced a contest intended to give developers an opportunity to create innovative software for library services. Contestants can enter by going to www.oclc.org/research/researchworks/contest/.

The contest is intended to encourage innovation and development of Web-based services for libraries and library users. Contestants will be challenged to think differently about their environments by working with deconstructed functional components of library services.

The prize is $2,500.00 US.

Entries will be judged by a panel of expert practitioners and academicians from OCLC and the library/information community: Thom Hickey (Chief Scientist, OCLC), Tip House (Chief Systems Analyst, OCLC), Elizabeth Lane Lawley (Associate Professor and Director, Lab for Social Computing, Rochester Institute of Technology; blogger), Mike Teets (Executive Director, Product Architecture and Development, OCLC), Roy Tennant (User Services Architect, California Digital Library; Owner, Web4Lib and XML4Lib electronic discussions; author), and Jon Udell (Lead Analyst, InfoWorld; author; blogger).

Full details are available on the contest Web site.

For more information:

Thom Hickey
Chief Scientist
OCLC Research

Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
OCLC Research