Communications from OCLC Research

Recent communications by OCLC Researchers include an article on metadata as a worldwide library effort and two presentations on digital preservation by Brian Lavoie.

Patricia Harris and Stuart L. Weibel
"Metadata: A Worldwide Library Effort" ISO Focus (April 2004):31-32. Eprint available at (PDF:186K/2pp.), courtesy of the publisher.

Brian Lavoie
The "Hows" and "Whys" of Preserving Digital Materials (PowerPoint:106K/14slides)
Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) program: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, 2 June 2004, Winnipeg (Canada)

Brian Lavoie
Steering Around the Iceberg: Economic Sustainability for Digital Collections (PowerPoint:327K/15slides)
Economics of Digitization Symposium, 18 May 2004, The Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois (USA).

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