FictionFinder demonstrates the power of FRBR

The FictionFinder prototype provides a visible demonstration of how the FRBR model can facilitate searching and browsing bibliographic records for fiction.

FictionFinder allows you to locate fiction for your reading pleasure. Records are clustered at the work level, and displays are organized by work and expression.

Elements that are potentially useful in finding and selecting a work of fiction, such as summaries, genre terms, and subject headings, are extracted from individual bibliographic records, filtered, indexed, and presented at the work level.

Records may be searched on title, author, fictitious characters, imaginary places, settings, fiction categories, summaries, subjects, literary forms, special forms, and ISBN.  They may also be browsed on most of these categories. A benefit of a FRBR-based interface is that results lists are shorter and easier to navigate, making it more efficient to find the best item for your purposes.

FictionFinder was developed by Diane Vizine-Goetz and her research team, and is featured on the ResearchWorks area of the OCLC Web site.

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FictionFinder demo

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Diane Vizine-Goetz

OCLC ResearchWorks

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