Jeff Young develops Extensible Repository Resource Locators (ERRoLs) for OAI Identifiers

OCLC Researcher Jeff Young has developed a scheme for creating "Cool" (i.e., unchanging) URLs for metadata, content, and services related to registered Open Archive Initiative (OAI) repositories.

Anyone can create or use a Cool URL to any metadata record or web resource related to supported OAI repositories.  Similarly, any OAI repository can use the ERRoL service by registering a unique repository identifier with the OAI Registry at UIUC.

An ERRol resolver is a system that uses a repository’s unique identifier to create URLs that point to metadata and content stored in the repository.

Services that accompany ERRoLs include customizable HTML views of repositories, RSS feeds of OAI content, OAI-PMH version transformations, and OAI record unwrapping (i.e. providing "Cool" URLs to XML content in OAI repositories w/o the OAI wrappers).

Other services are planned such as record editing, metadata crosswalks, and content resolution as well as integration of user defined services.

For more information:

Jeff Young
Software Architect
OCLC Research

Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
OCLC Research