ISO publishes the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set

Titled “Information and documentation—The Dublin Core metadata element set,” the document is available in English or French for purchase in print or electronic formats; an identical version is available in English for free download from ANSI/NISO.

The Dublin Core metadata standard provides a core set of 15 metadata elements for cross-domain information resource sharing.

DCMI began in 1995 with an invitational workshop in Dublin, Ohio that brought together librarians, digital library researchers, content providers, and text-markup experts to improve discovery standards for information resources. Since then, this set of metadata elements has gained worldwide recognition and use, with translations into more than 20 languages.

The publication of the ISO standard provides official international endorsement for use of the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set.

More Information

To purchase the ISO document, visit the following link and search for “ISO 15836”.

To download the ANSI/NISO version (ANSI/NISO Z39-85-2001): (PDF:48K/14pp)

Additional information about the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative and the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set:

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