Active in digital preservation? Take the PREMIS survey!

Preservation Metadata: Implementation Strategies (PREMIS), a working group sponsored by OCLC and RLG, seeks information about digital preservation repositories. The focus of PREMIS is on the practical aspects of implementing preservation metadata in digital preservation systems. The group is examining alternative strategies for implementing preservation metadata, and developing a core set of preservation metadata with wide applicability within the digital preservation community.

The survey asks about goals and characteristics of digital preservation repositories, various administrative and technical models for digital preservation repositories, and how preservation repositories are encoding, storing and managing their preservation metadata.

Institutions and organizations in the library, academic, museum, government, scientific and commercial sectors involved in digital preservation activities are invited to complete the survey. Please submit your completed survey by January 16, 2004 to Priscilla Caplan via e-mail at

Survey results will be used by PREMIS in its analysis of implementation strategies, and will also be published in summarized form.  Individual repositories and projects will not be identified without permission. The group hopes the results will benefit the entire community.

For more information:

Brian Lavoie
Research Scientist
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