Recent publications of OCLC researchers

Announcing recent publications by OCLC Research scientists and colleagues:

  • In Subject Retrieval in a Networked Environment. UBCIM Publications - New Series Vol 25. München: K.G. Saur (2003)
    • Carol Jean Godby and Jay Stuler. "The Library of Congress Classification as a knowledge base for automatic subject categorization" (pp 163-169).
    • Edward T. O'Neill, et al. "FAST: faceted application of subject terminology" (pp. 140-146).
    • Diane Vizine-Goetz and Roger Thompson. "Towards DDC-classified displays of NetFirst search results."
  • Carol Jean Godby and John Richardson. "OCLC Office of Research." Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science. New York: Marcel Dekker (2003; pp 2231-2237).

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