Ken Klingenstein's DSS presentation, "The Golden Age of Plywood," now available on OCLC Research Web site

In a recent presentation on the OCLC campus, Dr. Ken Klingenstein, project director, Internet2 Middleware, discussed the emergence of middleware infrastructures in higher education, and tools that allow consistent campus implementations to support inter-institutional collaborations. His presentation slides and an audio recording of the presentation are now available on the OCLC Research Web site.  The slides are in PDF format, the recording is mp3.

Well-known as an excellent speaker, Dr. Klingenstein has been instrumental in moving along the Shibboleth project < >, which supports inter-institutional sharing of web resources subject to access controls.

The OCLC Distinguished Seminar Series (DSS) brings noteworthy professionals to the Dublin campus to present ideas, report on research activities, and engage in discussions with OCLC staff and members of the public.

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Files from Ken Klingenstein's DSS presentation:

  • Presentation slides (PDF:1.74MB/64slides)
  • Digital audio recording (MP3:20.2MB/88min.)
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