OCLC researchers celebrate a decade of NetLab digital-library R&D by speaking at anniversary conference

OCLC Research vice president Lorcan Dempsey and research scientists Stuart Weibel and Diane Vizine-Goetz participated in the 10th anniversary conference of NetLab, the research and development department at Lund University Libraries. The conference involved many who have worked with NetLab over the course of its first decade.

Weibel opened the conference with a presentation on the Dublin Core experience and its significance for the future, while Vizine-Goetz spoke about the semantic web and located some of OCLC's research work in relation to it. Dempsey closed the conference by examining concepts, issues, and opportunities in research and learning.

Founded by Traugott Koch and Anders Ardoe, NetLab focuses its activities primarily on digital library and net-based information discovery and retrieval, mainly in Internet/WWW environments. Koch currently is NetLab's senior librarian for electronic information services. He was an OCLC Research visiting scholar in 1997-1998.

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Vizine-Goetz presentation:
http://www.lub.lu.se/netlab/conf/vizine-goetz.ppt (PowerPoint:172K/29 slides)

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Bob Bolander
Communications & Programs Manager
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