OCLC SiteSearch 3.0 software adds features, flexibility

DUBLIN, Ohio, August 27, 1996--OCLC has released a new version of its OCLC SiteSearch suite of software tools. OCLC SiteSearch 3.0 includes a number of new and improved features including multiserver searching capability, image support, and increased security and control over Web resources.

The multiserver searching capability enables the end user to transmit a search across multiple Z39.50 servers simultaneously. In effect, the end user can search a custom-defined virtual database or virtual catalog to ensure comprehensive retrievals on a topic.

A second feature of OCLC SiteSearch 3.0, the Image Support Package (ISP), can help make rare, fragile or hard-to-handle resources accessible to all users, and even to people in other towns, states or countries. The ISP allows libraries to create digital images of the materials and provide access to those images using Web technology. With ISP, libraries can build their own information resources from selected collections.

The third major feature supported in version 3.0 is security and access control to Web resources. Through an integrated profile server, the OCLC SiteSearch system administrator can limit the number of simultaneous users, restrict access by authorization code, create authorization classes for end-user access, and set up master authorizations. Using library-developed Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripts as an interface to existing authorization systems, the library can build on its investment in user authorization systems and integrate them with access control to resources available through OCLC SiteSearch.

Feedback from current users of OCLC SiteSearch software resulted in a number of additional features including:

  • Record Marking: bookmarking of items in the results set for subsequent use
  • Search History: previous results sets combine to form a new result set
  • Redesigned Out-of-the-box interface (Obi): new cosmetics and improved readability and navigation added to a template from which libraries can begin their own interface creation
  • Enhanced Image Support: intelligent, page-at-a-time navigation through image databases
  • FirstSearch Full-text Availability: access to FirstSearch full-text databases through WebZ software
  • OCLC SiteSearch Database Operations Tool: a menu-driven system configuration tool
  • Miscellaneous Enhancements: cancel search, Z39.50 OPAC record support, while loop added to WebZ language, diacritic processing in index building

"OCLC SiteSearch provides a complete product for building, integrating and accessing Z39.50-based information resources in a World Wide Web environment," said Terry Noreault, director, OCLC Office of Research and Special Projects Division. "OCLC SiteSearch harnesses the combined power of Web technology and Z39.50. Moreover, it is designed to help libraries meet the increasing expectations of library users for ease-of-use, utility and universal access to worldwide information."

OCLC SiteSearch is a complete set of software tools that lets libraries integrate all of their information resources for simple, easy, user access. Using it, libraries can build and maintain browsable, searchable electronic resources across the local network and merge these resources with remote, diverse databases into a single, seamless system accessible from the desktop using a World Wide Web browser.

OCLC Online Computer Library Center is a nonprofit computer library service and research organization whose computer network and services link more than 23,000 libraries in 63 countries and territories. More information is available at the OCLC Web site [http://www.oclc.org].