Dewey for Windows to be available

DUBLIN, Ohio, July 8, 1996--Dewey for Windows, a CD-ROM version of the recently published Dewey Decimal Classification, Edition 21 will be available in August. The Dewey for Windows compact disc offers Dewey users the entire text of edition 21 in a convenient Microsoft Windows-based environment.

"Dewey for Windows was developed by OCLC's Office of Research and field tested by members of the library community," said Peter J. Paulson, executive director of OCLC Forest Press. "The resulting product uses state-of-the-art techniques to provide new ways to search and display the Dewey Decimal Classification. Dewey for Windows also offers multiple users the ability to share a single CD-ROM on a local area network."

With Dewey for Windows software, users can search for DDC numbers and terms quickly and efficiently. They can choose a specific index for searching from among nine different options, pick a separate approach to number building from four different displays, click the mouse to drag and drop information between simultaneous window displays, and create a work area to store Dewey numbers temporarily while building and moving between schedules and tables. It is also possible to cut and paste Dewey numbers into OCLC bibliographic records using PRISM and Passport for Windows.

The Dewey for Windows CD provides access to over 4,000 new entries in the electronic index. These records include index terms and the nearest matching DDC schedule number with its caption, as well as built numbers from the Dewey Relative Index. Dewey for Windows also allows notes to be added to the schedules to reflect local classification decisions. Users can call up the Help screen or the edition 21 introduction and glossary, and let the Tour Guide walk them through typical classification scenarios.

Dewey for Windows requires a microcomputer with Windows software (version 3.11 or higher). A minimum of a 486-based machine is strongly recommended for satisfactory performance. A color monitor, CD-ROM drive and a minimum of 8MB of memory are also required.