Annual Review of OCLC Research now available

DUBLIN, Ohio, May 19, 1995--The OCLC office of research announced the availability of the 1994 Annual Review of OCLC Research.

The Annual Review of OCLC Research features summary reports on OCLC projects, external and collaborative research, the Library and Information Science Research Grant Program, and the office's Distinguished Seminar Series.

The review includes reports on numerous areas of interest to librarians and other information specialists. The Internet and World Wide Web, and how they affect the way libraries do business, are featured prominently, but more traditional aspects of librarianship are also explored.

"OCLC has a commitment to the future of libraries," said Terry Noreault, director, OCLC office of research. "That commitment is enduring, yet dynamic. Our research staff is charged with seeing that OCLC stays on the forefront of the accelerating pace of automated access to information, so that we, in turn, can help libraries continue to meet the needs of their users."

Copies of the 77-page review can be obtained at no charge from OCLC, Annual Review, MC 410, Office of Research, 6565 Frantz Road, Dublin, Ohio 43017-3395.

In addition, interested parties may access the review online in a variety of methods. It will soon be available via the World Wide Web at URL: It may be accessed via anonymous ftp logon to: with requestor's e-mail address as the password--the review is in the /pub/documentation/review94 directory. It will also be available via listproc by addressing an Internet e-mail message to:, using the get command in the body of the e-mail message: get review94 [filename]--the file names are: front, part1, part2, part3, part4, appendix.