Libraries and Research:
Supporting Change / Changing Support


10-12 June 2014
Amsterdam, Netherlands

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All current OCLC Research Library Partners are invited to view the live stream of our Libraries and Research: Supporting Change / Changing Support meeting, 10-12 June from Amsterdam. This gathering will focus on supporting the academic research process.

We hope you'll join us online for the Evolving Scholarly Record workshop on Tuesday, 10 June, the full-day meeting on Wednesday, 11 June and the half-day meeting on Thursday morning, 12 June. These sessions will be recorded and posted online, so if you're unable to view the the whole event you can watch the recordings of the parts you missed later.

We encourage you to register to view the live stream online. Registration is optional, but it allows us to contact you if any technical issues should arise.

The live stream will be broadcast on this page during the times below, so be sure to bookmark it. Please note, all times listed are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

In addition to viewing the live stream, we encourage you to participate remotely by tweeting your workshop questions or comments with #esrworkshop on Tuesday and your meeting questions or comments with #orlp on Wednesday and Thursday. If you don't tweet, don't worry! You can submit your questions or comments via chat in the Cover it Live window below on the right once the event starts. Tweets that containing the hashtags #esrworkshop or #orlp will appear with the chat messages in the Cover it Live window together, so everyone can join the conversation!

Thursday, 12 June


The livestream agenda is listed below.

Time (CEST) Libraries and Research: Supporting Change/Changing Support Meeting Day 2

Session 3: Changing support

Libraries are adapting to their new roles and getting ready to support future service demands. They are engaging in new alliances and are restructuring themselves to prepare for change in accordance with their strategic plans.

9:00–9:20 Lynn Silipigni Connaway (Senior Research Scientist, OCLC Research) will discuss the results of several studies that identify the importance of user-centered assessment and evaluation to develop library services and systems that promote community engagement.
9:20–9:40 Paul-Jervis Heath (Head of Innovation & Chief Designer, University of Cambridge) will share how he is establishing a design practice that drives innovation and involving librarians and library users in participatory design to address the changing needs in research and the university environment.
9:40–10:20 James Michalko (Vice President, OCLC Research Library Partnership) Restructuring Research Libraries: Strategy and Value. Jim will share observations about how academic libraries are innovatively changing their organizational structures to meet the changing demands of research and the academy and how they are restructuring their ecosystem to maximise efficiency and to increase their support role.  
10:20–10:45 Break (live stream pauses)

Session 3: Plenary discussion


Wrap up and closing


Tuesday, 10 June


Time (CEST) Evolving Scholarly Record Workshop
10:00–10:15 Welcome by DANS and OCLC Research

A Framework for the Evolving Scholarly Record–Providing a common understanding and shared terminology for the day’s conversations

by Ricky Erway, Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research.


Research Records and Artifact Ecologies.

Keynote by Natasa Miliç-Frayling, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

11:30–11:45 Break (live stream pauses)

A Perspective on Archiving the Evolving Scholarly Record.

Keynote by Herbert Van de Sompel, Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory.



Wednesday, 11 June


Time (CEST) Libraries and Research: Supporting Change/Changing Support Meeting Day 1
9:00–9:10 Welcome by Maria Heijne (Director of the University of Amsterdam Library and of the Library of Applied Sciences/Hogeschool of Amsterdam)
9:10–9:30 Introducing the theme by Titia van der Werf (Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research)

Session 1: Supporting change in research

Research is becoming more digital and the corresponding methodologies and requirements are shaped by evolving technological capabilities. Presentations and discussions will explore the ways in which libraries are or could be supporting eScholarship.

9:30–9:45 Anja Smit (University Librarian at Utrecht University) - Anja will kick-off the session, talk briefly about the Utrecht experience with innovative services and introduce the push (library support as driver) versus pull (research demand as driver) discussion.
9:45–10:00 Ricky Erway (Senior Program Officer, OCLC Research) Digital Humanities and Libraries: A Constellation of Engagement.  Ricky will give a short talk about the ways in which libraries can engage with the digital humanities.
10:00–10:20 Adam Farquhar (Head of Digital Scholarship at the British Library) will share what happens when large digital collections are brought together with scholars.
10:20–10:50 Antal van den Bosch (Professor at the Radboud University Nijmegen) will discuss the emerging e-research practices and organizational structures (the Netherlands eScience Centre, local e-humanities initiatives, the NederLab project as an example VRE) and give a research perspective on the role for libraries and data archives in supporting e-research. He will talk about the ambitions to deploy large-scale e-research infrastructures at European and national levels and suggest ways in which libraries can interface with the emerging research ecosystems.
10:50–11:15 Break (live stream pauses)
11:15–12:00 Session 1: Plenary discussion
12:00–13:30 Lunch (live stream pauses)

Session 2: Supporting change at the university level

Changes are also coming at the university level and beyond. The new imperatives of higher education around Open Access, Open Data and Research Assessment, are impacting the roles of libraries in managing and providing access to e-research outputs, in helping define the university’s data management policies, and demonstrating value in terms of research impact.

13:30–13:40 John MacColl (University Librarian at University of St Andrews) will kick-off the session, talk briefly about the UK context to illustrate how libraries are taking up new roles within academia and introduce the discussion.  
13:40–14:00 John Scally (Director of Library and University Collections, University of Edinburgh) will talk about the role of the research library in research data management at the University of Edinburgh.
14:00–14:20 Driek Heesakkers (Project Manager at the University of Amsterdam Library) will talk about research data management at the University of Amsterdam and in the Netherlands.
14:20–14:40 Paul Wouters (Director of the Centre for Science and Technology Studies at the University of Leiden) will talk about the role of libraries in research performance measurement for universities.
14:40–15:00 Break
15:00–15:20 Micah Altman (Director of Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Libraries) will discuss the importance of researcher identification and the need to uniquely identify researchers in order to manage the scholarly record and to support assessment.
15:20–15:50 Paolo Manghi (Researcher at Institute of Information Science and Technologies "A. Faedo" (ISTI), Italian National Research Council) will talk about the data infrastructures that support access to the evolving scholarly record and the requirements for different data sources (repositories, CRIS systems, data archives, software archives, etc.) to interoperate.

Session 2: Plenary discussion

16:30–19:00 Evening reception at the University of Amsterdam