The information-gathering phase of this activity is now complete. The findings and major outputs remain current.

In this activity, jointly sponsored with JISC, OCLC Research analyzed twelve final reports of library user studies issued between 2005 and 2009 by JISC, OCLC, and RIN. Findings are presented in a report that summarizes each of the selected studies, identifies common findings, and draws implications for libraries.


This report is not intended to be the definitive work on user behavior studies, but rather to make it easier for information professionals to better understand the information-seeking behaviors of libraries' intended users and to review the issues associated with the development of information services and systems that will best meet these users' needs.

There are many more published user behavior studies than the twelve included in this synopsis and analysis. However, this activity was an attempt to review major studies that were funded by non-profit organizations and government agencies, published within the five years preceding this study, and that specifically addressed electronic content, users' perceptions of their information-seeking behaviors, and library catalogs.

This analysis provided an opportunity to identify common as well as contradictory findings reported in the studies. The contradictory findings, as well, may be attributed to the design of the twelve studies. The two types of research design provide a combination of large-scale quantitative studies as well as qualitative studies that provide rich portraits of specific user groups.

Many of the findings presented in this meta-analysis could be used as hypotheses for subsequent testing and generalization; therefore, the next logical step is to further explore and quantify these findings by conducting large, random-sample online and interview surveys.

The findings from the twelve studies indicate that users want access to even more full-text digital content. As Robert Darnton said, "the future is digital" and "digitize and democratize." Though they value the traditional library services and human sources of information, users are already adapting to new realities in the information world, and new opportunities in access to information resources.



Other Publications


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