Research Information Management Roadmap

This activity is now closed. The information on this page is provided for historical purposes only.

The Roadmap Working group has written a manifesto, in the form of a call to action for those working in academic libraries. It spells out the current state of affairs and then offers several principles that will keep the library near the heart of the research process.


Following input from the 2008 RLG Partnership meeting, members of the RLG Research Information Management Interest Group indicated which four of eleven proposed activities were most important to their institution. This one came in near the top. A working group has written a draft manifesto, which is linked below.


We hope the outcomes of this activity will serve as a wake up call to academic libraries that the status quo is not enough anymore. We can imagine that there will be aspects that will be of interest in other sectors in service of researchers.


Bourg, Chris, Ross Coleman, and Ricky Erway. 2009. Support for the Research Process: An Academic Library Manifesto. Report produced by OCLC Research. Published online at: (.pdf: 57K/2 pp.).

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