Web interface setup

There are a few files that need some customization before the demo will work.

These variables are located at the top of the script and are clearly marked.

This hash maps database names to configuration files. The keys used should match the values from the HTML SELECT element in htdocs/demo.html. If you're going to be using more than one database, then this hash will have to be modified to reflect this.
A default configuration file. Useful if only one database is used.
This is a local path to the directory that contains the XSLT files that came with the package.
If no parameters are passed to the script, users will be redirected to this page.
$js_dir, $css_dir, $img_dir
These variables may need to be changed, depending on how your http server is set up. Respectively, they must point to the JavaScript, CSS and image directories supplied with the distribution.

If you're going to use the supplied HTML page, change the action attribute of the FORM element. It has to point to the rdftm.pl script. If you're going to be using more than one database, you should also change the option values of the SELECT element. Their values should match the keys in %tmConf. You may also need to change the location of the default.css file and global.js file. The locations that are correct for your server will depend on how it is configured.

Each of the files in this directory references the css directory. If '/css' is incorrect, then you'll have to run the bin/changeCSS.sh script.It takes the correct path as its only argument, backs up each file, then makes the changes.