Database creation

The demo uses MySQL as its underlying database. A bash script is included that will create the database for you. You can run this script as many times as you like, and as long as you choose a different name for the database each time, it will create another configuration file and database.

When bin/ is executed, it will ask you for:

  • a name to use for the database,
  • a password for "simple" access to the database (SELECT only), and
  • a password for "full" access to the database (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE)

You must answer all the questions, as there are no defaults.

After has finished, the database will be ready and two files will have been created, conf/DBNAME.conf and conf/create_DBNAME.sql where DBNAME is the name you chose for the database. DBNAME.conf will be used by bin/ and cgi-bin/ to access the database. create_DBNAME.sql is used by the script to create the database, tables and users. If you ever need to recreate the database, you can use this file.